7th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument

11th - 14th September 2018

Industry Afternoon

This session brings together businesses, NGOs, academics and students interested in practical applications of argument technologies in industry. During this highly interactive meeting we provide settings for both technology demonstration as well as an opportunity for networking with leaders in the field and new business partners.

We invite submissions of interest in the areas related to argument technologies including (but not limited to):

Forms of participation

1) Expositor

The silver and gold participation allows companies to take part in the Industry Afternoon session. Those interested in participating in the whole COMMA event (12-14 Sept) should register to the conference (the information about registrations fees is available here).

Companies interested in participating in Industry Afternoon should contact organisers by email. In the case of receiving many application, organizer reserves the right to choose exhibitors.

2) Attendee (not registered to the COMMA conference)

Firms, NGOs, public sector unity or other organizations interested in using in their daily activities argument technologies offered by expositors can also take part in the Industry Afternoon. For the limited number of guests, there will be opened application process (low organization fee will be charged, more information will be available soon). The link to the application form will be published online later.

Important Dates


Barbara KonatAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznań & sentimenti.pl PL: bkonat (at) amu.edu.pl

Jakub Zygucki, Foundation Optimum Pareto PL: j.zygucki (at) optimumpareto.com