7th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument

11th - 14th September 2018


Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings are available here.

Conference Schedule

The full schedule for the conference can be found here.

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Invited Speakers

Marcello D’Agostino, Department of Philosophy, University of Milan Italy

Marcello D’Agostino is currently Professor of Logic at the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Milan, Italy. From 1987 to 1991 he was a doctoral student at the Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford where received his Ph.D. with a thesis on the computational complexity of logical calculi. After his PhD he was employed with research positions at the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London (1991-1995), in the Logic and Computation Group directed by D.M. Gabbay. He then moved to the University of Ferrara in 1996 as assistant professor and qualified as full professor in 2001. In 2015 he moved to the University of Milan where he is now Director of the Doctoral school in Philosophy and human sciences.

Noam Slonim, IBM Haifa Research Lab Israel

Noam Slonim completed his PhD at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC) at the Hebrew University in 2002. After a few years as an Associate Research Scholar at the Genomics institute at Princeton University, he joined IBM Research in 2007. Since 2012 he serves as the Principal Investigator of the IBM Research Grand Challenge: Project Debater. Noam has recently published at ACL, EMNLP, LREC, and COLING. He has been a co-organizer of the Dagstuhl “Debating Technologies” seminar in 2015; the ACL tutorial on “NLP Approaches to Computational Argumentation”; and the Argument Mining workshop series since 2016.

Francesca Toni, Department of Computing, Imperial College London UK

Francesca Toni is Professor in Computational Logic in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK, and the funder and leader of the CLArg (Computational Logic and Argumentation) research group. Her research interests lie within the broad area of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence, and in particular include Argumentation, Logic-Based Multi-Agent Systems, Logic Programming for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Non-monotonic and Default Reasoning. She graduated, summa cum laude, in Computing at the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1990, and received her PhD in Computing in 1995, from Imperial College London. She has coordinated two EU projects, received funding from EPSRC and the EU, and awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Leverhulme Trust. She is currently Technical Director of the ROAD2H EPSRC-funded project. She has co-chaired ICLP2015 (the 31st International Conference on Logic Programming), is currently co-chair of KR 2018 (the 16th Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning). She is a member of the steering committe of AT (Agreement Technologies), the Executive Committee of the Board of ALP (the Association for Logic Programming), corner editor on Argumentation for the Journal of Logic and Computation, and in the editorial board of the Argument and Computation journal and the AI journal.

Demo Session

A session will be organised for the demonstration of innovative working applications and tools. Demo session will take place during the first day of the conference, 12 Sept. For more information, see here.

Accepted papers

A list of long and short papers can be found here.

Best Student Paper Prize


Lisa Andreevna Chalaguine (Intelligent Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, University College London) won the Best Student Paper Prize at the COMMA 2018 Conference. The 100 EUR award is sponsored by IOS Press.

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